Thursday, January 1, 2009


*Regarding the last post*


I've been turning off power strips when we're not using the things that are plugged into them (for example the one in the kitchen has the toaster and toaster oven and coffee pot plugged into it) and I just saw how much our electric bill is....

Are you ready for this? : )

We saved almost $20 from last month's bill, simply by turning off power strips! WOO HOO!!

My MIL will just die...her bill went up $100. Everyone I've talked to has had their bill go up considerably.

Ours went DOWN! Yay!

I turned off the power strips powering the tv, vcr/dvd player, the kitchen one already mentioned, and unplugged the microwave when we weren't using it. We left the strips for the computers turned on, for surge protection......I wouldn't just turn those strips off without unplugging the computer entirely.

This month we're going to all or nearly all fluorescent bulbs. I guess I know what we'll spend the $20 we saved

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