Sunday, January 25, 2009

Powdered Milk

I have read that Instant nonfat powdered milk is an economical alternative to regular milk. I can't attest to that, because I haven't bought any in ages. We were working with a food pantry that got an extremely HUGE load of powdered milk, and since they had to get rid of it within a certain time frame I ended up with quite a bit of it. (I nearly always take things when they say "Toss it." I ended up with a big bag of frozen rolls that had thawed into a lump of dough that way...the dough was still good, just not in roll shape anymore. I brought it home and re-formed it. The only thing I didn't take and still regret it was some empty coffee cans. I keep thinking of ways I could have used them. lol) Anyway, we haven't bought any, but I use it regularly. I use it for almost all recipes that call for milk, and I use it as a snack...I like to eat it dry. lol

Here are some recipes using powdered milk...enjoy!

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  1. We have discovered powdered milk since we started living in the RV. It's still not as tasty to me as real milk, but works great for most things.