Monday, January 19, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

One way to save money...if you have a bit of to shop at thrift stores.

I say if you have a bit of self-control because I know SO many people who have NO self-control and buy whatever is a good deal whether or not they can use it. ("I KNOW it's not my size, but I may lose weight and then it will be WONDERFUL!" "I don't really NEED another set of dishes, but they're BRAND NEW!") Oh, yeah...I could tell stories....

But, I don't want to tell stories, or put a damper on thrift store shopping.

Just remember a few tips and have fun!

I agree with all the tips except "Don't go with Kids." My kids LOVE going to thrift stores with me, and more often than not find things I would have missed. (The last time we went to the Salvation Army, Emma found a Don Knotts movie, The Reluctant Astronaut...for $1!)

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