Thursday, January 8, 2009

Green Goals for 2009?

I've seen several blogs with "Green Goals" posted....I think I'll do one, too...

1. Change all the light bulbs in our house to those squirrley ones.
Already Done. I bought two big packs and went through the house changing bulbs out. My DH came behind me saying, "Change this one back again, it's not bright enough over here for what I'm doing." lol (First rule of list-making...always start with something you've already finished so you can cross it off quickly. It makes the list go better. Just kidding. Since I'm writing this on the 9th I've already started accomplishing some things.)

2. Expand the garden.
Work in progress. I've spaded and spread rabbit droppings, but would like to spade up just a bit more before spring. *Someone* (not mentioning names here) has been coming up with plans for my garden spot...including building things on it. I am fighting for my space! : )

3. Plant some trees.
This is a hard one. I have seeds from several trees I'm going to attempt (as per my uncle's instructions) to grow. My uncle told me last summer how he grows new trees...I think he may see me as the one person in the family who might actually try to replicate his methods and save some of his trees from extinction. I have seeds for a VERY funky pear tree my mom hadn't seen for 40 years...I'd LOVE to be able to present her with one of those for her birthday! Tonight I picked persimmons to try to grow, too. I have cherries, apples,chinquapins , chestnuts, pears, plums and persimmons all I need to do is get them planted. I *think* they should be in the ground about now. (Don't tell my DH, but I'm going to plant a walnut tree, too. He's VERY allergic and mowed down my last one. This time it's going to be a secret. lol)

4. Remember to take my bags when I go shopping. It's hard to remember. I *did* remember one day last week, though! I'm so proud of me! lol

5. BLOG!
I am hoping to be able to spread the word about as many money-saving, energy-saving, healthy, happy things as I can with this blog!

6. Shop at the Farmer's Market more.
We started going more last year, and I enjoyed it SO much! Definitely on my list for this year.

There are probably more things I want to do this year that I'm forgetting for this list....but that's good enough of a start. : ) Now all I need to do *is* start......

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