Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ways to Save on the Electric Bill

My DH was talking to him mother today, and she said her brother had just gotten his electric bill and it went up $100. I checked online for hers, and it has jumped $100, also. We haven't gotten ours yet, and it's not yet available to check online, so I don't know what it will be, but if their's is any indication, we can expect a higher bill.

I've been doing my best to save electricity this month...since last month's bill had gone up by $20...but it still remains to be seen if it's going to help our next bill.

I checked for some easy, cheap ways to save electricity, and these sites have some good ideas. (I tried to avoid the sites which said, "Change all your appliances to energy-saving appliances." Yeah. Like I've got a couple thousand dollars to spend on new appliances. SO, working with the appliances we have, here are some ideas for saving a bit here and there.

Save Electricity for the Environment

13 Easy Ways to Save on Electricity!

And now, I'm turning off the computer. ; )

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