Monday, December 29, 2008

Lime Cheeseball

One of our librarians went to Biltmore in Asheville, NC around Thanksgiving, and brought back a mix for a Lime Cheeseball. DH liked it SO much he wanted me to try looking online for a recipe (one that didn't include a $5.50 pack of flavoring.)

I found one that used lime Jello, and I tried it today. I had half of a block of cream cheese left over from something else so I used that, then I added in a little tiny bit of frozen lime juice (I found limes on the reduced rack at the grocery store and brought them home and juiced them and put the juice in the freezer, and I use a knife to scrape off the amount I need)...anyway, I used half a block of cream cheese, about 1 teaspoon of frozen lime juice and then I sprinkled lime jello powder in it and mixed it around and tasted it until it was good.

And it WAS good! I can't wait to need to bring something to a party and take it with some graham crackers and vanilla wafers. Uuuummm!

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