Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Site I Simply LOVE! and Mock Apple Pie

I LOVE this blog...A YEAR OF CROCKPOTTING ! She has the best recipes ever, and all in the crockpot!

I also adore my's probably the most-used item in my kitchen, because it's SO easy to use. Dump the food in, turn it on (yeah, it's an important part, which I have forgotten at times), and walk away. Return in a couple hours and eat! My kind of cooking...although my DH would tell you my kind of cooking is to stick something in a pot, walk away, and return when it's in flames. (Get him to tell you that story sometime, seriously. It involves a chicken, a *quick run* to the grocery store, a few men working on a water pipe, a hole across the road, and flames...great story)

Today I'm making a *from-scratch* chocolate cake...if it turns out I'll post the recipe...and pictures if I remember to take some. I'm also making dressing, which is one thing I do make well. My DH's family reunion is tonight, and I have to bring a few things, so I'm planning on a chocolate cake, dressing, a banana pudding and Emma is making a Mock Apple Pie.

Mock Apple Pie is SERIOUSLY good. Emma wanted to help bake something one day, and I didn't have much on hand to work with, but I did have a pile of pie shells I bought for 3 for $1 at a salvage grocery store, and we seem to always have crackers that haven't been closed properly and they've gotten stale, so it seemed the perfect time to experiment. : ) DH has an uncle who remembers eating it during the depression, and told the girls that story while eating the pie. This site tells the story of it...and discusses using Ritz crackers instead of saltine crackers as Heloise has in her recipe. We've used both (sometimes at the same time) and Ritz (or a cheaper ritz-type) crackers are better in it. Today, though, we're using saltines, because DH forgot to close up a pack of them, and they're too stale to eat now. ; )

I'm surprised by the differences in the number of crackers used in the recipes online! I saw them using up to 50 crackers! We do what Heloise says, about 20. It's a great way to use up several opened packs of crackers which have only a few left in the bottom.

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