Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pickled Egg Experiment

My first attempt at pickled eggs. Aren't they lovely? : ) I'll let you know in a week or so how they taste. ; )

(Poomba was added to the picture for interest. DH bought him for me, and Anna named him.) lol

(Edited and new picture added 4-21-09)

The...brine? I guess.....came out a *wee* bit too ...bitey? pickley?...for my taste. The eggs were (are...I have one left) great, but the beets I dropped in (because, after all, I had to buy a can of beets to get the beet juice, and it seemed a shame to toss them after I used the juice...anyway) came out too sour to eat, but the eggs were good.

I thought I had added a link to pickled egg recipes, but apparently I forgot. Anyway, the one I used didn't call for enough sugar ~I think~ so if I go looking for another recipe I'll make sure it uses plenty of sugar.

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