Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I picked my first *ever* asparagus today! I am SO excited! (The link has recipes and growing information...indeed, all the asparagus information I was thinking of linking to.)

I read in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last year (and I wish I had the exact quote) about her forays to the asparagus patch in April, waiting for the asparagus to come up. I've kept that in the back of my mind, waiting to use the information. ; )

Last fall I noted where I've seen asparagus fronds...it's easy to spot, next to the second of a row of metal posts, beside a railroad....odd place for it, I must say.... Anyway, I remembered where it was, and started stopping there to check for new plants as soon as April began. I'd forgotten to check a time or two when I passed, but last night I remembered, and today as we were passing I yelled, STOP!!! lol I am thrilled!

I want to try getting some started in my own garden...asparagus and rhubarb both, but since we're not yet sure about the new house and how it will change the lay of the yard I'm guessing I'll need to hold off on it. I'm hoping to have raised beds over most, if not all, of the yard eventually (less mowing!), and I suppose I'll have to wait a year or so to get a bed made for it.....looking forward to it, though...and in the meantime, I'll be watching for more asparagus fronds in the fall and checking those spots in the spring!

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