Saturday, May 24, 2014

Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste

I should have posted this Long Ago!  It is Amazing!  My teeth have been so weak for so many years - cavities, I've had nearly all of my back teeth pulled, because fillings just won't work and have to be re-done eventually - then I discovered that I could HEAL my teeth!

You may scoff, but it's Truth!  I wish there was some way to show the difference this toothpaste has made in my front teeth - the most visually obvious place.  They used to be nearly transparent.  I could put my finger behind them and wave it and you could see my finger.  Well, I can't do That any more!  They're opaque now, and feel So Strong!! 

No longer any pain when I eat cold things.  Haven't had a toothache in over a year!

But, on to this amazing recipe!

The basic recipe is:

2 parts baking soda
4 parts coconut oil

I don't actually measure these ingredients, I just add what looks good to me:

calcium/magnesium (grind calcium/magnesium tablets in a coffee grinder)
turmeric (probably about a tablespoon, maybe two) - fights inflammation
peppermint (I use dried leaves from my garden, finely ground, about a tablespoon) - for flavor and fresher smelling breath

In a double boiler, melt the coconut oil, and stir in the baking soda, calcium/magnesium, turmeric and peppermint.  Pour into glass containers and let harden. I liked the cups that come with a yogurt maker for this, but dropped and broke mine, so I'm using a Pyrex bowl with a lid now.

When you use it,  just use something to dip a bit out (don't put your toothbrush in, that's just gross) - you don't want to use too much at once! - and brush.  DON'T spit in the sink, because the coconut oil will clog your pipes; spit in the trash can, and DON'T drip on your clothes, because between the turmeric and the coconut oil, those stains won't come out (trust me).

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