Sunday, October 18, 2009

Super Easy Candy Bars

We were wanting something sweet and easier than a cake a couple days ago, so I stuck together what I had handy sitting around the kitchen....other than the cats, I mean....

I melted about seven or so caramels in the microwave, then a handfull of chocolate chips. While the chocolate chips were melting I stirred peanuts (shelled) into the caramels, until I couldn't fit any more in. Then I stirred the chocolate really well, to take out any lumps or unmelted bits. I rolled the peanut/caramel part into logs and dipped them in the chocolate, then laid them on waxed paper to harden. They were AMAZINGLY So good....and simple, just about five minutes total working time, then how long they took to harden...I didn't notice how long it was, but I think it was about half-an-hour.

Another thing...I think I've mentioned this blog on here before, Econobusters ....just thought I'd mention it again. ; ) There was a brownie recipe from them in a magazine I'd like to post, and thought I'd better mention their names again before I do. LOL (I won't type it out today, though.)

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